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  • Day of Defeat Source
    Day of Defeat Source server updated to version (16 October 2011)
  • Left 4 Dead 2
    Left 4 Dead 2 servers updated to version (13 October 2011)
  • Counter-Strike Source
    Counter-Strike Source server updated to version (17 September 2011)

Our Internet

Communication service for portal provides the IZET Telecom company

IZET company is one of the largest Internet service providers in Russian Fedeation. Since 2010, the company provides high-speed data transmission for Velikiy Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, Cherepovets and Yaroslavl.

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Players statistics

Now you can find your rating on our servers and get acquainted with the detailed personal statistics.



Atention! Statistics is running in test mode. All the shortcomings, as well as suggestions, please post on our forum in this thread.


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Gameservers rent

We offer you the new features of our game portal:

If you have nowhere to spend Clan War or just want to play on your own server, you can now take the game space, or the server ready to rent.

Note: If you are the author of any game modification for the Source engine, or GoldSource, then rent space for your game play project is provided free of charge or with payment of certain resources, depending on the required space / resource consumption of servers.

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SCXPM 18.0

Sven Coop Experience Mod.

Is an experience based plugin for Sven Cooperative (Sven Coop), which allows the players to gain up to 1800 levels.

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ProYect - Z

First MORPG on the Source engine.

This MORPG is our joint project with the Spanish team of developers.

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Our friendly Half-Life game portal. servers based on our developed servers.

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The first places is ours!

Our Half-Life and Half-Life 2 servers got first places on the well-known game statistics of the world as and, our Sven Coop, Adrenaline Gamer, Opposing Force Coop servers are exclusive and distinguished high level of attendance among its class. Our Half-Life Source servers are also the exclusive in its class. We are supporting ProYect - Z is the first project on the engine MORPG Source, developed by the Spanish team. Servers of this project is unique in the world. Also we are the only ones in the world of servers Underworld Bloodline, Blue Shift Unlocked Coop, Half-Life Decay, Zombie Panic!. At this moment in collaboration with are leaders in many game statistics and are popular both in Russia and abroad.

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You can take part in activities such as:

1Mapping: In this section you can discuss the process of Mapping and publish your creations.

2Modifications: Here you can write about your versions of games, the servers that you would like to see us.

3Championships: Here you can submit your application for organizing or participating in championships or Clan War.

4Contests: In this section, information on current contests at this time.

5Votings: Here you will find a variety of voting, which can take part.

6Life of a portal: Here you can learn about the appointment of new posts and congratulations to the holidays.

Obsidian Conflict


Obsidian Conflict is a Half-Life 2 Co-op Mod which means the players work together to complete a common goal. Some maps require puzzle solving with other players, some maps require teamwork to put down the enemy AI.


- Coop Half-Life 2, Episode 1, and Episode 2 Support.
- Retro Half-Life Source Action, many maps fixed for coop.
- Several Counter-Strike Source maps setup with coop storylines.
- More than 25 maps included with the mod, not including many downloadable maps from our forums.
- Custom Weapon Scripts.
- Customizable Hud and Flashlight.
- Many new NPCs.
- Scoring System.
- Lives Gameplay.
- Teamplay coop games.
- New Weapons.
- Cloaking Module.
- Inventory system.
- Player Modules including Cloak and Shield.
- Advanced Customizability for Mappers.
- Dynamic Content Mounting.
- Custom Player Models System.
- Series maps save your weapons and points over transitions.
- Objects and npcs can transfer over level transitions and back again.
- Previous maps in a series of maps are saved, so when you go back to them things stay as you left them. Just like SP Half-Life 2.
- Custom per map Sound Scripts, Configuration Files and Soundscapes.
- Out of Hammer map modification via Obsidian mapadd scripts.
- A Modding team ready to listen to your requests for new features

Game modes

PvP Escape

PvP Escape is all about who can make it to the exit first. The player must fight their way through the level against enemy NPCs and fellow players. As the player progresses through the map, new spawn points will open allowing them to get forward faster so they can keep up with the pack. It won't be easy getting to the finish, but whoever gets there first will be crowned the winner. Note: health system is disabled by default.

Escape Lives

Similar to "PvP Escape" but without players killing other players. Instead, the gameplay gets harder requires the player to use their pickups wisely. A health system is implemented so the player is only allowed to die a certain amount of times before they are removed. First player to the end of the map wins. Note: health system can be disabled.


The player's team must stay alive and hold the fort. Keeping their teammates alive during battle is recommended because if the player run out of health, they are out for the rest of the round. Items like the medkit comes in handy for healing fellow teammates and for them to heal the player. The player with the highest score wins. Note: health system can be disabled.

Lives Round Course

This mode consists in a race for the top score. If the player loses all their lives during the course, they will be removed from the game and put into spectator mode.


In co-op mode, the player will be part of a team of prisoners. They will have to cooperate to get to the end and escape the area.

Iron Helix

In this mode the player is part of a squad and must conduct a sabotage mission. But there is a Defender robot out to kill anything that moves, and it also controls the locking mechanism on the device the player must destroy. The only way to reach the goal is to remove the Defender, but it is hard to destroy, so the player's team must search the map for clues on how to destroy the robot. Once the Defender is destroyed, the team will have a certain amount of time to destroy the device or a new Defender will be deployed.


Most of the NPCs are similar to the retail versions, sometimes with slight modifications. Apart from the classic Half-Life 2 enemies, it also includes enemies from the Half-Life 2 Beta, such as the Hydra, and Source-ported Half-Life enemies such as the Houndeye, the Bullsquid, the Tentacle, the Alien Controller, the Alien Grunt and the Gargantua.


Includes the classic Half-Life 2 weapons plus a usable Alyx's Gun, the Uzi, the Tau Cannon, the Sniper rifle, the OICW, and the Manhack. In some levels they are some Counter-Strike Source weapons.

Download links: conflict/OC-Beta1.35_full.exe

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