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Brainbread - The new coop multiplayer experience.

An arsenal of over 20 weapons makes sure you stand a chance of surviving against the zombie hordes - even if it's but a small one.
Help your friends to survive - The Zombies work as a team.. you better do the same!
The new GOREgeous-system (tm) allows you to shoot zombies into pieces and implements realistic blood particles - never seen in any hl mod before!
Are you afraid of being killed by a zombie? One thing is worse: becoming one of them! Avoid getting bitten by those bastards.
The Army is your only ally. AI based tanks, helicopters and soldiers will bring great AI against AI fights onto the streets!
6 different character models, each one as human and zombie version!
Lots of maps to explore and survive.
Hundreds of zombies, your friends, a bunch of weapons


Attention! For play BrainBread you need Half-Life (not source or not 2)! Install BrainBread to Half-Life folder.

Download links: