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Zombie Panic!


Zombie Panic! is essentially a zombies vs. human survivors mod, with the zombies trying to wipe out the humans, and vice versa.

The catch that makes it fun and interesting is that all players except one join the human team at the start of the round, and only one person starts off as a zombie. The zombies respawn when killed, but when a human is killed he respawns as a zombie, and joins in hunting down his former friends.


Ammo is a scarce resource, so you can't simply run around guns blazing, or you'll run out of ammo in no time, and be easy prey. The more weapons and ammo you carry, the slower you move, so sharing ammo after an ammo run is a good idea.
Anyway, it has a sort of survival horror feel to it, with plenty of desperate moments with the zombies closing in on all sides, dark corridors, and creepy ambience, but it doesn't take itself too
seriously, as it's more geared for fun with any number of people playing, than hard core play. Our overall guiding design philosophy is gameplay first. I designed it as something you could play
and have fun even with an odd number of people, or small groups, although bigger games are even more fun.


Attention! For play Underworld Bloodline you need Half-Life (not source or not 2)! Install Underworld Bloodline to Half-Life folder.

Download links: panic!/zp1.0fullinstaller.rar