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Half-Life 2 Deathmatch


Half-Life 2 Deathmatch (HL2DM) — multiplayer first-person shooter, computer game developed by Valve Corporation. Dissemination through Steam began Nov. 30, 2004, now playing for sale in the 5 different sets, which include other similar games, and separately for $ 4.99. This game is not included in The Orange Box Production Valve Software, which includes all the remaining components of Half- Life 2. The game is also available for free to all owners of ATI and nVidia.


Deathmatch mode includes many features of other games, where you can play in deathmatch, such as Quake, Doom or Unreal Tournament. Among these features, the most noteworthy are: instant respawn, possession of weapons of specific points of emergence, rapid movements in space and special abilities (sprint, flashlight, etc.).

The target in deathmatch is simple: the player must kill other players to earn points, and if a player accidentally kills himself, he will lose points. If a player is killed, he was reborn with a hundred-percent level of health and a standard set of weapons, losing all weapons and ammunition which had been. Probably the most famous map for deathmatch mode is a map called «killbox», in which all players are placed in a relatively small room and where they must kill other players and defend themselves to buy new weapons and ammunition, which is usually placed around the map, some in places that are difficult to achieve.

Team Deathmatch:

In team deathmatch mode (abbreviated as TDM) players are divided into two teams, Rebels (Red) and Combine (blue). Both teams have their own characters, which are fully consistent with the same characters from Half-Life 2. In aspects of the game in TDM are almost the same rules as in the mode of deathmatch, except as follows: 

* Instead of one player who wins the round, the winning team with the most points.
* Depending on whether incorporated or not the option "friendly fire", the player will immediately lose one point for each kill another player from his team.
* If the player chose Insurgent model for his character, it will be adopted by a team of Rebels, if the player chooses a model Combine, then the player will be adopted by a team Combine. Nevertheless, if the player does not like this character, he can choose another from the list.
* If the number of players in each team are not equal, the team with fewer players will be complemented by the other team, instead they will get new players, connect to the server.

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