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Day of Defeat Source is a team-based first-person shooter multiplayer video game developed by Valve Corporation. Set in World War II, the game is an updated version of Day of Defeat, moving from the GoldSrc engine used by its predecessor to the Source engine. The game was released for Microsoft Windows on 26 September 2005, distributed through Valve's online content delivery service Steam. Retail distribution of the game was handled by Electronic Arts.


Day of Defeat Source is set in World War II, specifically the European Theatre in the year 1944. Players choose to join the forces of either the United States Army or the German Wehrmacht and compete against each other in a variety of game modes. Players select from one of six classes to play as, each with its own role within the team. Player characters cannot take much damage, and in some circumstances can be killed by a single bullet, forcing players to make use of cover to stay alive. When a player character dies, that player starts a short countdown for reinforcements. When the timer runs out, the player and any friendly players killed in that time respawn into the game at their insertion point as the next wave of troops. All weapons in the game have realistic limits to their use: machine guns must be deployed to maintain accurate fire or to be reloaded, rocket launchers must be shouldered to be aimed and fired, sniper rifles are most accurate when used with the scope and grenades not "cooked off" before release may be easily fled or even thrown back by the opposition.

The game was initially released with four maps, although later updates have introduced five new official levels and eight community produced maps supported by Valve.The game's levels are based after real battles in the Allied campaigns in Italy, Sicily and France, such as the Falaise pocket or the beach landings of Operation Shingle at Anzio, as well as entirely fictional battles. Combat can take place in several environments, such as city streets, buildings and sewers. Each online game can sustain a maximum of 32 players.

Game modes

There are two main game modes in Day of Defeat Source: territorial control and detonation. In territorial control maps, players must fight for control of all strategic points on the map. The strategic points take various forms, such as a destroyed tank in a street or fields and buildings, and are designated by a flag in its vicinity, which displays the army colors of the team who controls the point. Points are captured by a certain number of team members surrounding the point, with it either capturing instantly or after a couple of seconds. Players on the other side can disrupt a capture by placing themselves within the capture area during the process or by killing the enemy players at the point. The first side to capture all the points wins the round.

The objective in a detonation level is to plant and detonate explosive devices on a number of enemy positions, which can consist of AA guns, tanks and armored cars. Each position must be hit twice for it to be completely destroyed. Players can protect their positions by defusing the explosives before they detonate.[8] In one variation of this game mode, one side has to defend their positions for a set amount of time, with the destruction of each piece of equipment giving the enemy team more time. The defenders win if they can hold their positions long enough for the time to run out, while the attackers win when all objectives have been destroyed. In the alternate version, both teams must attack the other's objectives while defending their own. The first team to destroy all of the enemy's equipment wins.


Both factions in Day of Defeat: Source have access to six classes. Each class is designed with specific combat circumstances in mind, so that teams must use teamwork to succeed. The weapons and equipment carried by the classes are based on the weapons used by both the US Army and Wehrmacht during World War II. Some of classes are armed with pistols—the American M1911 or the German Walther P38—while others are equipped with trench knifes or entrenching tools for melee combat. Grenades are carried by a number of classes, depending on their role in the game—riflemen are equipped with rifle grenades, the assault classes are armed with a single fragmentation grenade and a smoke grenade for providing concealment, while support classes have access to two standard fragmentation grenades. Riflemen are armed with their respective army's standard infantry rifle, and are designed for medium to long range combat, while the assault classes carry submachine guns which are only accurate in close quarters. The support classes are designed for medium range combat, equipped with either the M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle or the StG44. Snipers are used for attacking enemy targets from long range, and are consequently armed with their army's standard bolt-action sniper rifle. Machine gunners carry machine guns to defend key locations on a level or to provide a base of fire for their team's advance. Machine gunners are required to deploy their weapons on bipods before firing in order to compensate for the machine gun's extreme recoil. The final class is armed with an anti-armor weapon, used in the game to displace enemy machine gun or sniper positions. This class is armed with either an M1 carbine or Mauser M712 to defend themselves with when moving.

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