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Proyect-Z is a MORPG (Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) set in a post-apocalyptic world. implemented with the Orange Box source engine (Half life 2 deathmatch modification).

Using databases allow data persistence getting a similar experience to a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), but due to limitations of the source engine, the maps are divided into zones with loads between them.

When the player logged in, he will have a PJ to play (character) that will be protected by Stem ID.

Each time a player leaves the game, the information is saved and stored in the database throughout the state of play: life, abilities, items, ammo, etc.

When the player connect to the server, he will have his character and inventory exactly as he left it last time.


In a world in constant expansion and development, peace cannot last long.

In the year 2037 tensions between various world powers begin. Various pacts and negotiations that were enforced for decades are gradually interrupted, creating a global state of fear and uncertainty.

In the year 2048 the Third World War breaks out between parts of Asia against parts of America and Europe.
Few markets still exist in the world that are as profitable as the business of war. Every implicated party in the war practically destines all of the accumulated capital in military aspects, plunging the civil population in a profound misery.

Little by little the necessity of putting in practice other forms of attack of less destruction and aggression for the environment, but effective for the population, is imperative.
Around the year 2056, one of the implicated sides in the war offers an important sum of money to one of the scarce pharmaceutical enterprises that still survive in the war, for the purpose of investigating and developing new forms of attack that are more reliable, cheap and deadly.

Despite great disapproval by the UN of the implementation of these practices, the majority of the affected parties in the conflict assumes the risks and also begin their respective investigations, interested only in winning the war as soon as possible and in any way. A new era begins in history, biological warfare.
It did not take long before the first project was presented:

A drug applicable to fallen soldiers in combat, that is capable of stimulating the brain of a dead person to perform simple tasks and to attack basic orders, so that fighting in combat can continue for the maximum time possible. The maintenance of these "dead soldiers" would be practically null since they would be feeding on other corpses found in the battlefield.
Immediately they begin the experiments with the drug, and find that a dead subject follows simple orders through specific sounds.

When the moment of testing the drug in a real battlefield comes, nothing goes as expected. A large quantity of "dead-soldiers" stop obeying because they feel a great necessity of feeding on other bodies, and also presenting a great aggressiveness.
Due to the virus' ease of transmission, it reaches a point where it begins transmitting between the civil population, becoming uncontrollable and converting into a pandemic in little time, infecting approximately 95% of the population.

In the year 2058 the war has finalized and practically all forms of society have disappeared. Only survival remains.

System requirements

Orange Box engine.
.NET Framework 3.5 You can download it here
Internet Explorer from 6 version

Preliminary steps

To play Proyect-Z you will need to download the mod and uncompress it in the directory where you have got steam installed, as example:

"C:\Archivos de programa\Steam\steamapps\SourceMods\"

Entering at world

Maybe before to enter into the server, you should open the options menu and see the game controls and configure it.

When you have pushed Login button, you'll go to the character creation screen on you will can choose the name as you like and the look. Note: the last name can't be chosen and it will be assigned randomly. In this window will see the status of the skills that will have in the game, but this will be explained later

Basic aspects

Information about the basic operation of the character


The inventory is divided into four parts

Right panel

This panel is divided into two parts, the upper part is exclusive for weapons having the next space:

2 slots for heavy weapons. Usually two handed, like rifles, shotguns...

4 slots for light weapons. One handed, currently only pistols.

In the bottom of the inventory will stay all the items that we can collect for example munition or other life items among others. We will have a maximum of 24 slots.

Top panel

This panel shows the status of your character life:

1: The life status color will go changing to red when you go losing health.
2: This bar shows the character hunger state, you must avoid that it completely emptied.
3: If you have a confrontation with a zombie you can end up infected, then the bar starts to fill.
If it fill in the middle, you'll lost the capacity of use weapons and items of your inventory. When the bar is fully completed, your character will lost the consciousness to be finally one of them. At practical effects, you die.
4: Any penalty suffered by your character will be notified here:

Hemorrhage: Depending on the level of bleeding your character will lose more or less of life every few seconds.

Weak: If your character is very hurt his accuracy will substantially decrease. The aim is lower when higher will be the level of this penalty.

Bottom panel

This panel will be used to display some information about items or actions of your character.

Left panel

This panel is divided into two sections:

1: Equipped weapons
2: Character sheet

1). Equipped weapons

We can only have equipped two different types of weapons at once. (Long and short weapons).
We can switch between them quickly without having to use the inventory.

When we have equipped a weapon, this one go from the weapons inventory (backpack) to this panel.

1: Long weapons slot
2: Short weapons slot
3: Melee weapons slot (not implemented)
4: Top armor (not implemented)
5: Bottom armor (not implemented)

2). Character's sheet

Here we will see general information about the character:

The name and surname with which other players will see us, the level of skills and everything related to social aspects.

- Skills

There are 4 basic skills that will affect the player in different ways depending on the level of each.
All skills increase with use.
To the right of each icon is the level of each skill along with the percentage completed it.

Strength: It influences on the ability to hold objects increasingly heaviest and the distance that can be launched. Also will influence the amount of damage that you do if you're zombie. This ability will increment each time that you lift an object.

Speed: The speed with the player moves dependent on this ability. To gain experience it's sufficient walk or run. If you run, you gain experience more quickly but also get tired before.

Constitution: It influences the probability of becoming infected when the player is attacked by zombies. If you've been infected, the level of constitution will increase the time before the infection will be irreversible. It also influences the chance of success of the used antidote. In addition, by increasing this skill will increase the character's maximum health. This skill increases when you get hurt.

Resistance: by increasing this skill will increase the time that you can be running or jumping before get tired.
To raise this skill just simply walk, run or jump.

- Social

Here is the information related to social and economic aspects of the player.

Karma: Basically it's a gauge where you accumulate the damage that you do to other players or NPCs that who are not zombies. If the gauge exceeds 100 you consider PK (player killer) causing all armed npc that sees you try to kill you. If you kill a PK, if you aren't a PK, will reward increasing your rate of quest.

Quest Rate: Each player will leave with a minimum base rate of $ 80. Each time that you make a successful quest will pay you the fee + the reward of the complete quest (each quest may have different rates according to their difficulty). At the moment we receive the reward, the rate will rise to the amount you have just received, so that if you can do many missions without fail or cancel, the rate will increase and they will pay you more increasingly.
Remember: the rate doesn't rise at the time that you accept a mission, it rise at the time that you have completed it.
If a player voluntarily canceled the mission or fails, your rate will go down the same value that is rated the quest.

- Status of quests

Here are all the quests available in the game and their status:

Idle ("Inactiva"): No request for this quest

Active ("Activa"): The quest is underway. You can cancel it at any time by pressing the cancel button, with the consequent loss of part of your mission rate.

Failed ("Fallida"): You have failed the quest, you must return to the place where you requested the quest and talk to the npc that gave it to you.

Completed ("Completada"): You've successfully completed the quest, go to talk to the npc that gave you the mission to receive the reward.

Use of weapons and ammo

You can use the weapons that you have equipped and switch between them without going through the inventory by pressing or .
The aim with the weapons that you have increases if you're pointing (Ironsight)

To see how many bullets have loaded the weapon you're using press

If you see this symbol means that you haven't more ammo for the next recharge.

Note: the aim will be affected negatively if you're too weak.


We can open the map at any time (see 'Main menu-> options-> keyboard' to set keys). We can choose to view in full screen or a minimap.

On the map we can find various icons that will signal us:


These are some npc either a mercenary or someone that you rescue them. If for some reason the NPC isn't follow you, this icon will disappear from the map.

Place where was last seen the npc that we must save.

Health store

Gun's store

Place to order quests

Place of area's change


If you get too much damage your character can become incapacitated.

You will not get up of the ground or interact with the inventory, you can wait for a teammate revive you or give up and die.

To resuscitate a player you need that you have in your inventory a large kit and press the action key on the incapacitated player.


If you have surrendered or have died due to infection your character will die permanently. Immediately after death regain access to the character creation screen, where we choose again the name of the character and appearance. Do not worry, you will keep the items and abilities of your character above but with an experience penalty on all your skills.

Registering bodies

If you see someone death that is not a player, you can press the action key to register him.

To take an item from him, you will just need to press twice over the object.It will pass automatically to your inventory.

Trades between players

You will be able to trade objects between players. When you see the name of a player in the screen, press the  and you will see a notification that you are requesting a trade with the player that you have selected.

At the same time the other player will see the same window but with your name, notifying him that you want to trade with him.

To begin the trade with the other player press the before the notification window's bar is full. If the bar fills, it is considered that the other player does not wish to make a trade with you, and therefore the trade will be canceled.

Once the trade is approved, you will see the object trading window, which is limited to 1 type of weapon and 4 non-weapon objects.

To add an object to the trading window, you must click the left-button of your mouse on the object in the inventory and select the action Add from the contextual menu.

To finish the trade the two players must click the accept button, regardless of the order and time it takes to do so.

If any of the two players click the cancel button or close the inventory, the trade will be canceled and no objects will be traded even if one of the players clicked accept.

Rental mercenaries

You can always consider renting the services of professional soldiers (so they say) to accompany you and help you to fight your enemies.

If for some reason the soldier fails to follow you, you will see a notification screen. To recover him, you must press the on him.
Also whenever you see a lost NPC, you can recruit him by pressing the on him.
Note: You can only recruit a maximum of 3 soldiers.

Rescue mission

Project-Z currently has one mission.
To receive missions, you must speak with the following NPC in the church:

In this mission you must find and rescue a survivor that has been lost in one of the zones.

Important: If you leave the game or die, the mission NPC will remain in the world and will not be saved with the rest of your data, unlike the mercenaries NPC that are saved in conjunction with all of your equipment when you leave the game.

Once you accept the mission, you must exit outside and verify in your map if there is a rescue icon. If there is no rescue icon, you must go to the following zone until you find the survivor.
Once you have reached him, and if he's alive, you must escort him to the church to complete the mission. If you arrive too late and find him dead, you must cancel the mission and return to the church to communicate the sad news.

Note: While you explore you can find mission survivors waiting to be rescued. Don't doubt it; make him follow you and save him. Although you may not have an active rescue mission, your rate will be increased and you will be recompensated in equal form, since it only matters that a life has been saved.

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