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Gameservers rent

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New services of portal

Gameservers rent


We offer you the new features of our game portal:

If you have nowhere to spend Clan War or just want to play on your own server, you can now take the game space, or the server ready to rent.

Attention! If you are the author of any game modification for the Source engine, or GoldSource, then rent space for your game play project is provided free of charge or with payment of certain resources, depending on the required space / resource consumption of servers.

Price list of services the tenant:

Dedicated Servers (1 game slot / month) $1

Our build server *:

GoldSource Steam: $21
GoldSource Non-Steam 47 minutes: $24
GoldSource Non-Steam 48 minutes: $24
Goldsource Steam + Non-Steam both protocols: $28
Source Steam: $28
Source Steam + Non-Steam: $31
Installing Metamod + Amx Mod-X, Metamod SourceMod: $0,5
Install / configure plug-ins (1 pc.): $0,5
Sale of finished assemblies servers (1 piece, depending on complexity): from $69

For your build server:

ftp-access to the folder with the server (for 1 account / month): $0,5

Accommodation servers loaded with content (maps, sounds, models ... for 1 GB): $7

Attention! Servers are not configured to work with downloadable content, or for which no downloadable content available on the ftp does not accept \ disabled!

Consultations on the establishment / setting up servers (depending on the desired result): from $17,5

* When ordering a build server to specify which settings configuration files are required. For our server builds ftp access is not available.

Applications for leave to lease the subject of the following form:

Game engine
Game name
Approximate rental period
You have your own server or want to rent ours
The presence of a third-party http\ftp for downloadable content
Other marks (whether you want advice on what issues, the required number of player slots required plug-ins)

Next, contact me via ICQ or Skype (see my profile on the forum) to discuss the details.

Learn more and place your order you can in the appropriate topic on the forum:



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