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Insurgency Modern Infantry Combat is a total conversion mod for Valve Software's Source Engine. Insurgency is a multiplayer, tactical first person shooter, and implements elements of realism, in an attempt to increase player immersion and promote teamwork. The game is primarily set in Iraq, however some maps are set in Afghanistan.


Insurgency is primarily a team-based, multiplayer online shooter focused on tactical, objective-based gameplay. The player can join one of two teams, the US Marines, or their adversaries, the Insurgents. Teams are structured around two squads, with two four-man fireteams in each squad, for a total of 16 maximum players per team. Within this team structure are limited player classes, such as the Rifleman, Support Gunner, and Designated Marksman.

The game has a pseudo-realistic portrayal of the weaponry used. There is no on-screen crosshair and the players must use the iron sights of the game's weapon model to accurately aim the weapon. Shooting "from the hip" is still possible; however, the free-aim system makes this difficult. Weapons are also deadly, with most rifles capable of taking out players with one or two shots to the torso. According to their class, players can also use fragmentation grenades, smoke grenades, and RPGs.

Maps are generally focused on urban warfare, even though there are suburban and outdoor settings.


Each map basically has its own custom gametype, giving mappers complete creative control over their map's gameplay. We use 4 base gametypes, which you can see in the server browser:


Battle is a gametype focused on linear, front-line gameplay. Teams can be on the offensive or defensive, depending on their commander's tactics. Generally battle maps are quite large, and allow you to push or be pushed from one end of the map to the other. Your reinforcement location moves as your objective changes.


Push is a gametype focused on linear, attack-defend based gameplay. You are either on the attacking team or the defending team. The attacking team must secure all of the objectives, one by one, in the round time, while the defenders must prevent the attacking team from doing just that. Generally push maps are also quite large, and reinforcement locations move as the momentum of the battle shifts.


Firefight is a gametype focused on non-linear, checkpoint-based gameplay. Teams can be on the offensive or defensive, depending on their commander's tactics. Generally Firefight maps consist of smaller maps with fixed spawns, and objectives equally distant from each team's spawn. Victory is achieved by the accumulation of all of the checkpoints in the map.


Strike is a gametype focused on non-linear, "hold the fort" type gameplay. You are either on the attacking or defending team, and there are generally only a few objectives. The defending team must hold all of the objectives until the attacking team runs out of reinforcements or time. Generally Strike maps are medium/small sized and contain fixed spawns. The most typical Strike scenario I can think of would be a D-Day scenario of sorts.

Weapons & Ammo

There are no crosshairs in Insurgency. You can fire without iron sights all you want, and the bullets will go where your weapon's pointing, but you won't have any additional help.

Iron sights are a great way to improve your marksmanship and are imperative for survival on the INS battlefield.

Some weapons come with alternative rates of fire, so make sure you know what button you have assigned to "Change Firemode".

For weapons with Bipods, you can deploy on physical surfaces and the ground. This is a great way to stabilize your weapon if you have the ability to set up in a defensive position.

Once deployed, you can go into iron sights for even further stabilized firing.

Your mags remaining is only shown when you need to know it.. like when you're reloading, or draw a weapon.

Ammo Boxes are a great way to re-arm on the battlefield! In the future, you'll be able to trade in your weapon for other weapons and ammo with these, but for now their function is quite simple, allowing players to re-arm on the battlefield if necessary.


In Insurgency your breathing patterns impact your aim, so make sure you are in as low of a stance as possible to stabilize your weapon if you're interested in shooting as accurate as possible!

Chain of Command & Commander Mode

Chain of Command is what makes Insurgency quite unique among games in its class. In Insurgency, you are either an order-giving Commander or an order-receiving soldier. Commander orders are processed through the chain of command, brought to the attention of everyone in the unit.

Units are either Squads or Cells. Squad is the terminology we use for a US Marine unit, while Cell is the terminology we use for an Insurgent unit. Each Squad/Cell consists of 8 players. The first player in a squad/cell is the commander.

The maximum server capacity is 32 players, which is 16 player teams, or 2 squads/cells per team.

Calling for reinforcements is a good way to get immediate backup if needed. It takes the members of your squad that are not alive and spawns them right away.

Using the commander mode, you can change the objective your squad attacks or defends.

Commanders can issue waypoints to their squad using the commander menu.

Players in the squad are immediately shown the location of this waypoint on their HUD, so they know where their commander wants them.

Commanders can also give tactical orders to the members of their squad by using the commander mode to issue voice commands. When the voice command is given, the players in the squad will have the ability to reply to the order, reporting their status back to the commander.

Staying Alive

Follow your commander's orders! Wandering around the deadly Iraqi streets by yourself is not a smart idea!

Use your iron sights! The "run and gun" player will not last very long!

Cover to cover! Sprinting between physical cover is a good way to avoid being killed.

Machine gun cover fire is a great way to suppress the enemy! Machine guns are quite deadly in Insurgency, and if caught in the open, can bring you certain death.

Make good use of smoke grenades and frag grenades! Smoke grenades will provide cover for an advance, and fragmentation grenades are a great means of taking out enemy positions and stopping enemy advances.

Be careful! You can die in just 1 shot if your enemy is skilled enough!

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