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Firearms Source is a Half-Life 2 modification based on the previous Firearms modification for Half-Life. Firearms Source utilizes the Source engine allowing us to recreate and improve the Firearms gaming experience, while also making improvements to the graphics.

Game Modes

Firearms Source comes complete with 4 traditional game modes: Push, Territorial Control, Search and Destroy, and Capture the Item. There have been, and will continue to be, modifications to the game modes to improve the gaming experience.

Push (PS):

The objective of this game mode is to "push" the other team off the map by sequentially capturing every point on the map. In the original Firearms, captures were instantaneous. We improved the game mode, by adding time delays for the capture areas, as well as earning points for protecting a capture point.

Territorial Control (TC):

The objective of this game mode is to hold the control points for as long as you can, to drain the other team's reinforcements. While it is possible to win the map by not controlling the points, it will be significantly more difficult because each capture point can drain 2 to 6 reinforcements per minute. We also improved this game mode, by adding the capture delays and defense points.

Search & Destroy (SD):

The objective of Search and Destroy is to locate the enemies cargo, which is typically at their base, and destroy it by unloading as much ammo at them. The enemy objectives will be marked on the HUD with a Diamond, while friendly objectives will be marked with a Square. In the future, we plan on revamping the SD game mode, however for RC1 it will be similar to original Firearms.

Capture The Item (CTI):

The objective of CTI gameplay is to capture the item, which can be intelligence, ammunition, key codes, or anything else, and return it to your base safely. If you are killed in the process of bringing it back to your base, the item will stay there for another 30 seconds unless it is picked up again.

Loadout Menu

FAS doesn't have classes. You define what role you want to take by your combination of skills and your weapons. When you join the game your will be presented with a loadout screen that allows you to choose which armour, weapons and equipment you want to use and a skills menu that allows you to select which skills you'd like to equip. You initially have 1 skill point to assign, with 1 additional skill point for every 5 kills you get. When you die you'll be given the option to reconfigure your skills and and loadout.


The primary defense, that a soldier needs to stay alive, is their armor. Without armor, you wont live very long on the battlefield. Every player is outfitted with light torso armor, but is given the option to suit up depending on their playing style. The heavier the armor you wear, the more protection you will have, but you sacrifice mobility. For tips on how to use armor effectively, view the Pro-Tips section: "Armor Up!"


While it may be one of the less exciting of the groups, Items still supply you with necessities that will keep you alive. How else are you supposed to lurk in the dark to get behind enemy positions, or bandage your wounds after and intense firefight? The main focus of items is to help you stay alive, rather than taking lives.

- Bandages
- Night Vision Goggles
- Machete


Spam in all shapes and sizes. If the weapon explodes or fires a projectile that explodes, then it is in this category. From Frag to Clay, each explosive fills a certain niche that will help your team. There are both offensive and defensive explosives. For an offensive push, you can use an M84 Stun grenade to disorient the campers in the room next door. The defensive playerse can lay an M18A1 Claymore mine for the unsuspecting rusher. No matter what role you fill, there is an explosive to fulfill your needs.

- M67 Fragmentation
- M81 Smoke
- M84 Stun
- M18A1 Claymore
- M79 Grenade Launcher


Reload deaths are probably one of the most disappointing ways to go in a First Person Shooter. Thankfully, Firearms: Source has many different pistols for you to choose from to make sure that never happens to you. With such a low credit cost, and yet sufficient fire power, you may find yourself going 'Il Duce' and loading out with every pistol we have. Yes, they are that cheap! From Semi-automatic to Full-automatic, these are your faithful firearms that will get you out of the tough stuff, just don't expect to snipe with them (unless they come with a scope).

- Colt M1911A1
- Glock 20
- Beretta M92FS
- Desert Eagle
- OTs-33 Pernach

Sub-Machine Guns:

The Sub-Machine Gun provides the firepower of a pistol, but the magazine capacity of an Assault Rifle to a Light Machine Gun. While you will be not dealing as much damage as an Assault Rifle, you are still able to keep control of your weapon with minimal recoil. The SMG's best perfomance is typically in close quarters combat to medium range combat. It is common to use an SMG as a back up weapon on steroids. It perfectly complements any Sniper Rifle, as long as you are willing to sacrifice armor.

- Ingram M11
- MP5A4
- Chang Feng 05


There is no better weapon than the shotgun for close quarters combat. Dealing massive amount of firepower with one shell, you can blow away your enemies without using a lot of ammo. This weapon category is meant for the extreme rusher, just make sure you carry some smoke grenades for cover in the open, because the shotgun is typically rendered useless at long ranges. Whether you have an automatic, semi-automatic, or pump shotgun, they all deal massive damage and are very useful for clearing out buildings and trenches.

M3 Super 90

Assault Rifles:

A power house of the weapon classes, the Assault Rifle is the all-around weapon that can be used effectively at long range and close combat, but is best used in medium range combat. Even though you will rarely see a magazine size more than 30 rounds, as long as you can aim, you will never need more than 30 rounds. However, if you are feeling greedy, you can load up with dual ARs for back to back massive firepower. Who says that AR's can't be used as a back up weapon?

- M4A1
- M14
- G36C
- M16A2
- SG550
- G3A3
- AK47
- Sako Rk.95

Machine Guns:

For the heavy weapons enthusiasts, the Machine Guns will not disappoint. Whenever you feel your squad is being outgunned, the Machine Gun can turn the game around by spraying as much lead towards the other team as you can. You will quickly see the enemy take cover allowing your team to push forward or will at least give you enough time for your reinforcements to come. However, most of the machine guns in Firearms Source will require you to not be moving to fire them, so be prepared to carry a back up until you find a defensive postion to deploy your bipod.

- MC51B "Vollmer"
- M249 SAW
- M60E3

Sniper Rifles:

Unlike any other weapon class around, the sniper is a unique role that is absolutely necessary for stealth missions or taking out heavily defended areas. Yet, the Sniper Rifles in Firearms Source are still very diverse. Whether you want to be an offensive sniper with the bolt-action M24 so you can quickly remove MG's while constantly relocationg, or laying prone at your base with the M82, there is a sniper rifle for your playstyle. Just make sure that you have a quicker shot than the opposition.

- M24
- SR25
- M82A1

Skills Menu

Next to your weaponry, skills are one of the most important assets you can utilize to finish off the enemy and solidify how you play the game. Whether you want to be a forward observer for artillery support, or a field medic to keep your team healthy, skills give you certain abilities that benefit you and the team around you. Upon joining the server, you are given one skill automatically and you get new skills every 5 points (flag captures and frags combined). Below is a full list of all the skills and the benefits they supply.


marks desc.
Level I
5% Accuracy Increase
5% Recoil Reduction
Level II
10% Accuracy Increase
10% Recoil Reduction
Level III
15% Accuracy Increase
15% Recoil Reduction


marks desc.
Level I
25% Faster Reloads
Level II
50% Faster Draws/Holsters
Merge Magazines
Level III
Ammo Cache: Deploys a temporary ammobox

Field Medic

Med Desc.
Level I
Diagnose teammates via HUD
Bandage bleeding teammates
Treat yourself for +10 HP
Treat teammates for +15 HP
Two additional bandages upon respawn
Level II
Treat yourself for +15 HP
Suture teammates wounds for +25 HP
Four additional bandages upon respawn
Level III
Treat yourself for +20 HP
Suture teammates wounds for +35 HP
Six additional bandages upon respawn
Hospice Flags


marks desc.
Level I
5% Faster Movement Speed
50% Quieter Footsteps
Level II
200% Melee Damage
50% Less Fall Damage
Level III
Kills Hidden from Victim's Teammates
25% Less Stamina Drain


Drastic times call for drastic measures, and when the enemy is advancing fast, that is when you need to call in fire support. With the Artillery skill, it is your job to either play the role of a forward observer, or man the mortars.
Level I
Request Artillery Fire
Level II
Build and Fire Mortars
Level III
Faster Refire Rate for Mortars


marks desc.
Level I
5% Faster Movement Speed for Nearby Teammates
Level II
5% Accuracy Increase for Nearby Teammates
10% Damage Reduction to Nearby Teammates
Level III
Capture Objectives Twice as Fast


Take enough damage and you'll start to bleed. Your health will deplete and you'll hear your heart beating. Provided you have bandages you can heal yourself by selecting your IFAK, Individual First Aid Kit (slot 7), and clicking fire to bandage.

Weapon Behaviour

Weapon accuracy is FAS is effected by which stance you're in and what firemode you're using. Moving is the least accurate, whilst laying prone is the most accurate. Where a weapon allows you to do so you can switch to semi-auto, which will also confer a small accuracy boost. A number of weapons also have bipods. Deploying the bipod with the (default key) key will significantly increase your accuracy. You can bipod against virtually any static object of the correct height.


Unlike in most other popular FPS games your ammunition in FAS is stored in magazines rather than a large central bucket of ammo. If you don't fully empty a magazine then it will be retained when you reload - keep track of how many bullets you've got left or your may yourself facing an enemy with two rounds left. The Gunnery skill allows you to merge semi depleted magazines in order to create more full ones.

Armor Up!

Armor is probably one of the most important items in the loadout menu and is crucial to your survivability in Firearms: Source. On the plus side, armor does exactly what it is supposed to, and lessens the amount of damage you receive. On the other hand, the heavier the armor you wear, the slower you will run and the faster your stamina will be drained. Heavy armor also costs more, so spend wisely. As a Pro Tip, you will want to always wear a Kevlar helmet, or else almost any weapon will be able to one shot frag you with a headshot. Your arms also cover a lot of your body, so you will typically want to loadout with a Helmet and Arms, but if you are strapped for credits, stick with the helmet. Also consider what type of player you are. If you plan on staying prone and bipoded with a sniper rifle most of the time, you most likely wont need leg armor.

How to use Claymores

Fragging With Them:

There are two main methods of using the M18A1 Claymore to eliminate the enemy. The first method of using the claymore, is with manual detination. You just plant the claymore facing towards the enemies, and click the clacker when an enemy comes into its range. The best way to use this method is by hiding around a corner with the clacker, and planting the claymore at a choke point, preferably where there is not a lot of area to move around to avoid it. If you are caught with the claymore in your hand while and enemy is chasing after you, you can also drop the claymore and detonate it almost immediately. The second way to use claymores, and the more common way, is to plant them and set them to trip mode by right clicking with the clacker. While setting the claymore to trip mode allows you to continue you move around the map freely, it is also more difficult to get a kill with it since it requires the player to run over it. Therefore, the best place to put trip clays are around corners and doorways, where a fast moving player wont be able to react quickly enough to avoid it. Be careful with your placement and call out your clay positions if you are playing on a friendly fire server, or else the results could get ugly.

Maneuvering Around Them:

If you find yourself in front of a claymore and it hasn't it exploded yet, the chances are it is on trip mode. If you can jump over it or move around it, do so. Otherwise, if it is in a tricky spot that requires you to move through it, don't worry. You can prone and crouch walk through trip claymores without detonating them. However, if you crouch walk through the clay and do not clear it before standing up, prepare to see your fiery death.

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