Pirates, Vikings & Knights


Pirates, Vikings & Knights is a total conversion modification for Half-Life, created by 3 college friends: Matt "Monkey Boy" Bishop, Kris "Duncan" Hauser and Garrett "NECK" Moore. Referred to as an "anachronistic mod for Half-Life", Pirates Vikings & Knights (PVK) pitted Pirates, Vikings and Knights against each other in a variety of gameplay modes.


Each faction granted 3 different classes to choose from.


Pirates are the least armored of all teams, and have no hearty health bonuses. However, they are by far the fastest, and can survive under water longer than any of the other teams, more than making up for their disadvantages in Booty mode. Pirates are also the only team that has gunpowder weapons including flintlock pistols, musketoons and sniper rifles.


captains have the musketoon, a primitive shotgun that can tear through enemies at short range. Their other unique weapon is a highly trained attack parrot that, when launched at an enemy, will flap around and bite them for a while. They also pack a cutlass for decent melee combat. The Cap'n's wooden leg hampers his jumping ability.


Skirmish pirates are the fastest character in the game. They are not heavily armed, but can run around like crazy and dodge almost anything thrown at them. They also pack the dreaded powder keg, the most explosive weapon in the game. Some light leather armor helps reduce the sting of light sword blows.


The Vikings are hearty warriors with primitive, yet powerful weapons. They have a unique array of characteristics, with strength, finesse, defense, and speed mixed together in a hodgepodge of characters.


Axe Vikings have a two-handed axe and throwing axes and a decent amount of chainmail armor. The two handed axe is the most damaging weapon in the game—the only problem is getting it to connect. They also come packing a more reasonably quick sword and shield, and are most balanced of the Viking classes.


The Viking Berserker is a lightly armored character with a massive stone hammer with which he crushes his enemies, as well as akimbo axes with very rapid attack speeds. He also has a berserker mode activated by a right click, in which he gains speed at the expense of a slow drain of health.


Spear Vikings have a long thrusting spear, the longest-reaching melee weapon in the game. Secondary attack with the spear is a charge attack that will skewer anyone who gets in the way, allowing passage through narrow corridors and up ladders without worrying about someone waiting with a quicker clicker finger. They also come equipped with a javelin to throw at their enemies, and a sword and shield as a more defensive weapon.


Knights have the widest range of characters, providing powerful melee weapons and devastating ranged weapons. The knights will have an inherent advantage in Booty, needing only to guard their chests instead of dragging them to a specific zone.


The bowman is the ranged knight, equipped with the quick-load long bow and the powerful crossbow. He also has a small sword for close range encounters. He is fleet-footed and lightly armored, and thus suited for long range scouting and sniping.

Heavy Knight

The heavy knight is a heavily plate-armored knight. He has a two-handed sword (in damage bettered only by the Axe Viking's axe), a mace and a smaller sword, making him a melee killing machine. His bonus health combined with his full plate armor will help keep him alive a lot longer as well. His main disadvantage is his slow speed, weighed down by hundreds of pounds of steel.

Modes of Play

5 modes of play were offered as well.

Booty Capture

Treasure Chests are scattered across the map, and Pirates and Vikings must try to capture the chests and bring them to their starting zone. Knights however gained points for any chests in either their zone or in a neutral area.


One point on the map was a capture area for all teams to fight for control over.

Team Deathmatch


Attention! For play Pirates, Vikings & Knights you need Half-Life (not source or not 2)! Install Pirates, Vikings & Knights to Half-Life folder.

Download links:

Moddb.com: http://www.moddb.com/mods/pirates-vikings-and-knights/downloads/pirates-vikings-and-knights-231
Anitalink.com: http://files.anitalink.com/clients/hl/pirates, vikings & knights/pvk_2.31_setup.exe