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If you are interested in our gaming portal and you want to help or cooperate with us, then bring to your attention the following information:

1Financial support: Here you will find information on how you can help our portal to the material.

2Gameservers monitoring: In this section, a brief description of our gameservers monitoring and link to the forum topic, where you can send screenshots of the missing maps.

3A set of administrators: Some information and a link to a forum topic on the recruitment of administrators of the game servers.

4A set of moderators: A brief description and a link on the recruitment of moderators of the game portal.

You can

Help to project by participating in:

  • Sponsor
    To do this you have to do advertising of our site, help in customizing or creating game servers, website or forum or transfer to us your game servers and space to create them, or join your game as our subportal.