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Shortly about us

Anitalink.com - multilingual gaming portal, based on GoldSource and Source game modifications. The portal has its own DC + + hub (dchub://hub.anitalink.com), Teamspeak server and Ventrilo. The forum takes a special place to create and support game servers, some of which are available for AIMaster.ru. To date, our servers Half-Life and Half-Life 2 took the top lines of the world game ratings. Portal Anitalink.com now merged with the portal AIMaster.ru and under these brands provides access to more than 60 game servers.

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1History of portal: You'll learn about how our portal appeared, came from his name and how he rose to the level playing Portal, whose name is known throughout the world.

2Anitalink.com in the world: Current situation in ratings of the planet and future plans. How Anitalink.com been and what awaits him? You'll learn about it by visiting our section.

3Persons of portal: Who is at the origins of the portal and those who cooperate with us now? You'll learn about it here.

4Anitalink.com today: Portal what it is today. Current problems, urgent problems and important issues can be found in this section.

You can

Help the project by participating in:

  • Partnership
    In particular, to become our game administrator, moderator, make a material contribution to the development of the portal, or simply helping a recommendation.
  • Sponsoring
    To do this you have to do advertising of our site, help in customizing or creating game servers, website or forum or transfer to us your game servers and space to create them, or join your game as our subportal.

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Our resources:

  • Games
    Anitalink.com - is first and foremost, a game portal. To choose from, we provide a large number of servers Source, GoldSource games and modifications, as well as 2D and RPG.
  • Communication
    More space for big portals sociability. Your attention is our DC + + hub servers Teamspeak and Ventrilo.