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History of portal


History portal starts at 2005, when there was an association of several computers in a small local network in the Shlisselburg town, Leningrad region and the servers were running DC++ and the first game server for the experiments, the results are sent to the server on the game portal AIMaster.ru (one of the founders and followers which are Iiv, AIexpert and @[email protected]) - Anitalink Half-Life. A year later, this local chain has teamed up with E-1, and servers have become visible to the Internet. By that time it appeared a small forum Anitalink, dedicated network of E-1, local file sharing, and a small description of the place occupied by games and servers Anitalink. Later the portal get a domain name al.aimaster.ru. June 15 2009 was a landmark day in the history of the portal. On this day, he was separated from the E-1, got his present domain name Anitalink.com and became part of a joint project with AIMaster.ru and business card computer network Nevalink. Today Anitalink.com going to become completely autonomous independent multi-lingual  project and to attracts players from all over the world.