Games games offers a large selection of game servers on engines Goldsource, Source, and not only.

Here you can find a brief description of games and their modifications, find information about where they can buy, how to install, find the address of our server and available to the statistics of each.


1Gameservers monitoring: Here you can view the current status of the servers know their addresses, number of players present on the server at the moment.

2Goldsource: Here you can find descriptions of the game engine to Goldsource, servers which are available on our portal.

3Source: Here you can find descriptions of the game engine to Source, servers which we have presented.

4RPG: Here you can find descriptions of the RPG games that support that we are doing.

52D: Here you can find descriptions of the two-dimensional games, support for which we are engaged.

6Our projects: Here you'll learn about our projects, can take part in their creation or maintenance.

You can

Help to project by participating in:

  • Partnership
    In particular, to become our game administrator, moderator, make a material contribution to the development of the portal, or simply helping a recommendation.
  • Sponsoring
    To do this you have to do advertising of our site, help in customizing or creating game servers, website or forum or transfer to us your game servers and space to create them, or join your game as our subportal.

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Our resources:

  • Portal
    Without a past has no future. In the portal you can learn the history, people and life
  • Communication
    More space for big poratls sociability. Your attention is our DC + + hub servers Teamspeak and Ventrilo.