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Half-Life Deathmatch - playing multiplayer Half-Life. The game takes place on different card within a certain time, where there is a "struggle" of the various players. The winner in most cases determined by the relative frags (points earned for killing the enemy) and deaths.

What is Half-Life Deathmatch? If you played Counter-Strike, then you will be a little easier for me to imagine all this. In HlDm (Abbreviation full name Half-Life: Deathmatch) is not a single game or something else. Hldm in Action takes place on different maps, where there is a "struggle", but do not you and the monsters, as in the single Half-Life (Single - a single passage), and with other people via internet or network that much more interesting because people are not so predictable.

We have 14 kinds of weapons, ranging from real and ending with "ethereal", but this will be a separate article. The game has different skins, models - a type of your player: scientists, G-man, Gordon, Barney, etc. and not only standard, but they do not affect your ability to run, jump, or on your endurance.

Usually played on many servers are in the mode Deathmatch - «every man for himself", but sometimes the game and for teams (TDM - Team Deathmatch). On servers, there are no winners, though many of them consider people with the most frags (Point for the murder of a rival), but, nevertheless, it is rather "primitive" system.

At the championships, on the contrary winning team is determined by the number of victories at the various maps by the number of frags. For more information about the "first steps" in the game in another chapter.

That's the main thing you should know if you do not ever play in Half-Life Deathmatch:

- For killing enemy any way you get the point.
- When you get the death Point of Death.
- For the murder of a friendly player (if the server is able to kill partners) you lose a point.
- Games are held on maps by changing your card you will lose all points and achievements.
- After death, you will immediately take to the new location map.
- On many servers have spectator mode (Observer) - In this mode, you can watch the other players moving on the map in the air or from the same "eye" of another player
- In order to monitor the server administrator, who can punish you for various offenses.

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