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Sven Cooperative Experience Mod (SCXPM)


Attention! Leveling works for registered players on server only!

Registration in console:
amx_register password

Log in:
amx_login password

You can bind log in on 1 key for the fast log in:
bind "key" "amx_login password"

About level resurrection read here


Sven Cooperative Experience Mod, or in short, SCXPM, is an experience based plugin
for Sven Cooperative (Sven Coop), which allows the players to gain up to 1800 levels.
Award players with medals or punish them by taking such from them.
A player starts with 3 medals and can have up to 15 medals.
They have a minimal Influence on the Skills/Abilities.

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Selectable skills:

1. Strength:
Starthealth + Strength-Level * 1.

2. Superior Armor:
Startarmor + Armor-Level * 1.

3. Regeneration:
One HP every (150.5-(Regenerationlevel/2)) seconds + bonus chance every 0.5 Seconds.

4. Nano Armor:
(150.5-(Nanoarmorlevel/2)) seconds + bonus chance every 0.5 Seconds.

5. Ammunition Reincarnation:
Ammunition for current weapon every
(90-(Ammolevel*2.5)) seconds.

6. Anti Gravity Device:
Lowers your gravity by 1.5% per level.

7. Awareness:
Generic skill which enhances many other skills a bit.

8. Team Power:
Supports nearby teammates with HP
and AP and also yourself on higher level.

9. Block Attack:
Chance on fully blocking any attack of (Blocklevel/3)%.
This actually randomly hands out god mode or takes it
from the player every 0.5 seconds.

S. Medals (Special):
Given by an admin and only by an admin.
Basically, this shall indicate your importance
on the server you are playing on.
(Minimal ability support)

Commands for all players:

say playerskills // Prints other Players Experience, Level, Rank and Medals to Console
say selectskills // Open Menu to select Skills
say skillsinfo // Prints Help about Skills to your Console


Q: Why can't I select some entries in the Skillsmenu?
A: Because those keys are not bound. Write this in console:
bind 6 slot6;bind 7 slot7;bind 8 slot8;bind 9 slot9;bind 0 slot10

Q: Why do all players start with three medals?
A: So there are some to take away from you right from
the beginning. That way admins will hand out small
punishments instead of directly banning you, if you
did something so totally wrong he never wants to see
you on his server again.

For any other questions, please, if possible, take
the time to look through the whole thread first.